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  1. Instagram is not for Photography

    26 Jul 2021
    For years I have had this debate with my fellow photographers about Instagram. In my opinion Instagram was never meant to be a platform for photography. It was not borne out of a love of photography like that of Flickr or other photography sharing sites. Those sites sought to engage…

  2. What Camera Do You Use

    02 Jul 2021
    The question I am asked the most is what camera do you use. Do you shoot Canon? What do you think about the new Sony system?  Is Nikon better than Canon? I am here to tell you that the camera you use in most cases means absolutely nothing.  What matters

  3. Has COVID-19 Killed the Brick and Mortar Art Gallery

    06 Feb 2021
    I think that everyone can agree that 2020 was a very challenging year. The Corona Virus  brought death and destruction to many parts of the world and even now we are still grappling with it.  It forced many of us to embrace concepts of  Digitalization and Digitization. Remote working is…

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